Diabetic Foot Care

diabetic foot care Diabetes is the most common cause of amputations in the lower extremities in this country. Therefore, regular foot care and checkups are important. Diabetes has a profound effect on the lower extremity, including circulation, immune system response and neurological function.

Diabetic foot care may be as simple as yearly checkups. It frequently involves trimming of toenails and calluses. It is also important for patients to be educated on proper foot care, to check their feet on a regular basis, maintain proper control of blood sugars and obtain proper shoe gear.

Diabetic foot care involves a thorough clinical evaluation and patient history, focusing on the patient's vascular status, control of blood sugars, and neurological system within the lower extremities. A thorough education process includes techniques to not only prevent diabetic discovery of diabetic complications, but also assists in the early discovery of any potential diabetic foot. Early discovery of diabetic foot problems allows for early intervention to correct the problems, before potentially limb threatening conditions develop. 

Diabetic patients in our practice typically receive diabetic evaluation and education on a yearly basis. Additional visits may involve diabetic nail care, obtaining proper diabetic shoes and inserts, and management of any diabetic foot problems that may develop.

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